Withdrawal of German troops from Turkey to be decided by mid-June

On 28 May, German Foreign Ministry announced that the decision about the withdrawal of troops deployed at Turkey's Incirlik air force base will be made by mid-June.

Last month, the disputes between Germany and Turkey resulted in Ankara rejecting a permission for the German parliament to visit the staff serving on Incirlik. Although Germany is still holding talks with the Turkish side about the issue, according to German officials they are also looking for possible alternatives to Incirlik. Moreover, Germany and other NATO states allegedly tried to prevent Turkey from hosting next year's NATO summit, as even though Turkey offered to host the summit this week, the favoured proposal envisions the meeting at NATO's new headquarters in Brussels. The final decision will be made during the meeting of defence ministries in June.

Meanwhile, Turkey and Russia expressed their mutual desire for deeper strategic partnership. In a phone call at the end of May, Russia's President Putin and Turkey's President Erdoğan discussed the issues of TurkStream and Akkuyu energy projects, as well as agreements about removing the economic restrictions imposed on Turkey after a Russian jet was shot down by Turkey in 2015. On 31 May, Russia said it was lifting most of the economic sanctions on Turkey. Therefore, Turkey and Russia are becoming strategic allies not only in Syria, as Turkey is moving away from the European path

About author: Tomáš Krajňák


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