WikiLeaks released a trove of alleged CIA hacking documents

  • Roman Šulc
  • 11.3.2017 00:02

On March 7 WikiLeaks published more than 8 thousands documents, which are supposedly part of CIA‘s Center for cyber intelligence program. As WikiLeaks states, content of the uploaded archive represents authentic hacking techniques, used by the CIA. These comprises of malware and vulnerabilities, tailor made for various computer programs, including mobile and computer operating systems made by Google, Apple and Microsoft along with other software like antivirus solutions Avast and Kaspersky.

Aforementioned means enabled misuse of smartphones and other devices as a spy tools against their owners. This included use of equipped cameras and microphones. Changes in compromised systems also allowed to bypass the encryption, used by communication applications like WhatsApp, Telegram a Signal. All the exploits, used by the Intelligence personnel were kept in secret from the respective makers. The documents are also indicating, that CIA took considerable efforts to obtain means to distance control of autonomous vehicles and intrude into air gapped computers, used mainly in critical infrastructure and weapon systems.

Experts came to conclusion, that leaked documents, dated 2013 - 2016 are authentic. The leak itself is ascribed to one of the private contractors, who has been familiar with CIA cyber program. The data are being analyzed by both security experts and and concerned actors including Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. Some of the companies have reached to WikiLeaks for more detailed info to secure their products, to which WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange complied. After the WikiLeaks‘s role in 2017 USA president elections scandal, it is another case which portray WikiLeaks rather as mere political tool, as it is often claimed by platform‘s critics.

About author: Roman Šulc


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