Who we are

Who We Are

The European Security Journal (ESJ) is an online publication that provides news coverage, analysis, and interviews on various security topics relevant for Europe. The ESJ aims to provide brief, concise, and unbiased information about security developments to the European public.

Our editorial team consists of topic experts, journalists, recent graduates, and university students. We also cooperate with a wide range of academic institutions and think tanks.

Why We Do It

We live in a time of disinformation and paranoia about many security threats, from migration, terrorism to geopolitics. The world faces what we can call a geopolitical recession and security threats are becoming global, intertwined, more complex and more relevant to regular citizens. It is now important more than ever to provide the public with accessible, simple, and easily digestible information. By providing brief, factual, succinct, and unbiased content to the public we want to address the issues Europe faces, including disinformation, securitisation of public discourse, populism and degradation of liberal democracy. We want to help to create a well-informed electorate, an indispensable condition for a functioning democracy. ESJ wants to make the expert debate on such topics accessible and specifically cover security issues form the Eastern European standpoint. 

We do not aim to compete with major media outlets, our publication addresses global news developments from a European standpoint, with a focus on security, and always tries to bring relevant contextual information. Our News Updates and interviews are aimed at the wider public and our analyses for decision-makers and experts in the field. We rely on a wide network of open sources and always cross-check our facts and information.

How We Do It

We combine the intelligence approach with traditional media reporting. We don't only cover news events, we explain them. We rely on a variety of reliable open sources from proven reporters on social media to reputable media agencies. We confirm information from at least sources before reporting it. Because we give our readers only the most essential information, we question the necessity of every word in our News Updates or Analysis. While regular news sites report on particular developments, we always stress its impact and relevance to European security from the start. 

The European Security Journal is here to deliver brief, concise, valuable and easily digestible coverage and analysis of international relations and security. 


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