V4 and Britain agree on close security and trade cooperation

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 16.9.2017 18:00

The V4 foreign ministers and UK finance minister agreed on Thursday 14 September at a meeting in Budapest that it is necessary to maintain liberal trade relations and intensive security cooperation between the EU and the UK after the Brexit.

Hungarian Foreign and Trade Minister Péter Szijjártó stressed in a joint press conference that a trade agreement between the Union and Britain will have to be created, otherwise the trade would be regulated by the World Trade Organization (WTO) which would be extremely disadvantageous to both parties. British Finance Minister Phillip Hammond said that V4 is an important partner for his country and he is not going to move away from this position. This statement leaves room for both bilateral security cooperation and Britain's continuing engagement in military foreign missions where Britain is often a key member. The V4 countries work closely with Britain to share police experience and information, not only within Interpol. The cooperation of their special forces is also well-known, for example in the creation and subsequent functioning of the Czech 601st Special Forces Group, one of its main models and mentors was the British Special Air Service.

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