First Step Towards EU Army: Member States Must Buy EU Military Equipment

It is said that the establishment of an EU army is now more a question of ‘when’ and ‘how’ and no…

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Fort Trump: Poland is lobbying the White House for a new US base

The American Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis met with his Polish counterpart to discuss the…

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What's behind the current governmental crisis in Czechia?

Last week’s big events have shaken up the Czech political scene in an unexpectedly significant…

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Media freedom in Central Europe on the decline

It’s not just the occasional sarcastic remark of a powerful political figure that is alarming the…

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Uncertainty over security policy plagues forming of Czech government

After seven months of coalition talks, the Czech Republic remains without a government with…

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We have to help refugees, fight populism and work with EU says Jobbik deputy

Hungarian Jobbik party is gearing up for the 8 April elections. As the ruling Fidesz party consumed…

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