US continues fighting terrorism in Afghanistan

  • Dominika Jandová
  • 22.8.2017 23:28

US President Donald Trump outlined a new strategy for the US war in Afghanistan on Monday 21 August, which is likely to move from the state-building efforts to counter-terrorism. The Taliban movement threatens resistance and jihad against the US

President Trump, who originally supported the withdrawal of US soldiers from Afghanistan, did not, however, comment on any other details of the plan or specific numbers of soldiers, causing criticism by the Democrats. There is speculation about the deployment of some 4,000 soldiers, less than half of the currently deployed American soldiers. Defence Minister James Mattis, according to latest news from Tuesday 22 August, said that the planning is still in progress and the size of troops is still undecided. On Monday, Taliban fighters seized the Khamab area in the northern province of Jawzjan. This is the sixth territory the government has lost in the last month and now only controls half the country. Although the Taliban has encountered Islamic State (IS) soldiers several times over the last two years, the two groups have joined forces against civilians and Afghan forces. India, the UK and NATO have expressed their support for the US strategy, while Pakistan, China and Russia have shown more reservation.

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