US Senate approves Montenegro as NATO member

  • Ashleigh Templeton
  • 30.3.2017 09:12

The US Senate approved on 28 March a treaty allowing Montenegro to join NATO. Montenegro will become the 29th member of the alliance if the Netherlands and Spain approve its accession later this year.

97 out of 100 senate members voted in favour of the treaty. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson argued that the membership would strengthen Montenegro’s democratic reform, trade, security and stability with neighbours. The vote comes one day after a Montenegrin special prosecutor accused Russian state bodies of involvement in an alleged coup plot during Montenegro’s October 2016 election, an allegation Russia denied. The Kremlin opposes Montenegro joining NATO, calling it a provocation. NATO is also controversial in Montenegro with only 39.5 percent in favour of membership according to a December 2016 opinion poll. Tillerson wrote that Montenegro’s participation in the May NATO Summit as a full member, not as an observer, will send a strong signal of transatlantic unity.

About author: Ashleigh Templeton


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