US consolidating its military response to Russia

Lieutenant General John Murray, the US deputy chief of staff for program development, announced on 6 March that US intends to pre-deploy two extra armored brigades in Belgium and Netherlands, as part of its deterrence policy against the growing Russian threat, more than four years after previous US administration withdrew last American tanks from Euope. This deployment is strategic and aims to increase the ability to quickly react in case of a Russian aggression against a NATO member state.

This announcement comes along with a warning by General Curtis Scaparrotti, head of US European Command, of certain weaknesses of the US forces in Europe. Referring to a Rand Corporation study, Scaparrotti said that Russian ground forces were outmatching NATO ones, especially in the Baltic region where Russians have 757 tanks while NATO has only 129, and that by 2025, Russia's army - which is advancing technologically, could surpass US capabilities in Europe. Scaparotti added that in spite of this ground firepower superiority, NATO would still prevail in a conventional multi-domain conflict with Russia. Meanwhile, US is speeding up the upgrade of its existing heavy combat vehicles, and the development of new ones, planing to deploy additional forces in the Baltics under the increasingly robust European Deterrence Initiative.

About author: Martin Macq


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