US sends strategic bombers to Korean peninsula

Two U.S. supersonic bombers B1-B Lancer flew over the Korean peninsula on 29 July in response to North Korea’s missile launch test on Friday. The bombers were joined by Japanese and South Korean fighter aircrafts.

Even though the manoeuvres were labelled an ordinary exercise, it was clear demonstration of power as the Lancer bombers can also carry nuclear weapons. North Korea conducted a test of the Hwasong-14 missile on 28 July, it flew approximately 1 000 km and landed in the Sea of Japan, Japan's exclusive economic zone. According to U.S. experts, the ballistic missile is classified as intercontinental, therefore able of hitting Alaska or even New York City. The missile test was also condemned by China, but the U.S. expressed their disappointment and called Chinese pressure on North Korea insufficient. Moreover, the UK plans to react to the build up of Chinese naval power in the South China Sea region by sending its own warship next year. It should conduct an exercise to demonstrate the freedom of sea navigation in international waters. This move can worsen the relations between the UK and China after they significantly improved during last two years, especially on trade.

About author: Redakce ESJ


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