US stresses Iran's destabilising actions in nuclear deal review

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson highlighted Iran's role as a state sponsor of terrorism and its destabilising actions in the Middle East, while recognising Teheran's compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal during a routine 90-day review on 19 April.

The notification of Iran's compliance with the deal curbing its nuclear programme in return for sanctions relief was the first one under the Trump administration and provided further insight into Trump's Iran policy. During his campaign, Donald Trump said the agreement achieved by the Obama administration was the worst deal ever. Tillerson criticised Obama administration's narrow focus on nuclear programme solely for the sake of reaching an agreement, emphasising the necessity of focusing also on other security threats Iran poses, reflecting support for additional sanctions. While Obama raised issues over Iran's state sponsor of terrorism charges and its actions in the Middle East, he separated those from the nuclear agreement. Tillerson added that if Obama's approach continued, Iran could follow Pyongyang's path, which with its continuous missile tests and increased tensions with the US.


About author: Umay Atik


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