US and South Korea have begun a joint military exercise

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 21.4.2017 15:56

A joint military exercise of the US and South Korea, called Max Thunder, has begun on Monday, 17 April. Approximately 1,000 soldiers from US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps take part in these manoeuvres along with 500 South Korean troops.

The exercise is conducted from the US Kunsan airbase situated on the Western coast of the Korean peninsula. US officials explained the exercise is a regular annual event, and not any kind of reaction to the North Korean demonstration of its missile programme. The announced dispatch of a US naval strike group with its flagship USS Carl Vinson to the Korean shores was not yet executed, as it was seen south of Singapore on 15 April, where it took part in joint manoeuvres with the Australian navy. Later on, North Korean representatives declared that the country will continue developing its missile and nuclear programmes and is ready to conduct a pre-emptive strike against the US. China reacted to DPRK’s statements with great concern and expressed its interest in lowering tensions in the region.

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