Ukraine sets NATO membership as its strategic goal

The Ukrainian Parliament decided on returning the country to NATO as the priority goal among its foreign policy strategic objectives, according to information from 12 June. The amendments to the security, domestic and foreign policy laws containing this goal were passed by 276 of 450 Members of Parliament.

These amendments outline the NATO accession framework in more specific terms and clarify its legal meaning. Even though Ukraine closely cooperates with the Alliance within partnership programs, as the Alliance partially finances the reform and modernization of the Ukrainian army, some have doubts about the country’s capabilities to meet the accession criteria. European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker stated in March 2016 that Ukraine will not be able to join NATO sooner than in 20 – 25 years. As a fact supporting his words, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are in poor condition even despite the reforms, which could be observed during the Donbas conflict. Possible Russian reaction to the amendments could also escalate the situation on the eastern border, where a ceasefire has been observed since April with only marginal violations.

About author: Redakce ESJ


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