Ukraine and Poland plan joint development of new helicopter

Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv announced at the end of April that Ukraine and Poland intend to develop a new type of helicopter for the armed forces of both states while also jointly modernising existing machines.

It is assumed that the plans concern a development of a multi-purpose helicopter, although no specific information has been released. According to Kubiv, Ukraine is unable to develop a new helicopter alone and looks for potential partners in neighbouring countries. Poland was the number one choice due to its technological and political proximity but the participation of Western European or US companies is not ruled out. Ukraine has been struggling with a lack of high-quality and modern military technology for a long time, which is particularly obvious in the conflict in Donbass where the insufficient capabilities often result in low efficiency of deployed forces. Other V4 countries plan to obtain multi-purpose helicopters as well, the Czech Republic is deciding between machines by Bell Helicopters and Italian AgustaWestland in an ongoing competition, and starting this May, Slovakia will deploy its UH-60M Blackhawk helicopters, which Hungary also plans to buy.

About author: Redakce ESJ


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