Ukraine adopts new resolution on cyber security

On 31 August, by the decree of the Ukrainian President, Peter Poroshenko, a resolution by the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine titled "On the state of cyber threats and urgent measures to neutralize them" came into force.

The document deals with timetabled implementation of steps to strengthen Ukrainian cyber security. The measures involve the increased participation of the private sector and the creation of a shared cyber-incident database for the needs of state forces, who are also tasked to initiate intensive cooperation with their foreign counterparts to resist attacks on critical information infrastructure and investigate such incidents. The resolution also precedes a concept of criminal liability in the IT sphere relating to state subjects and critical infrastructure, as well as resolution of other related matters. The document, which follows the Ukrainian cyber security strategy adopted in March 2016, was heavily influenced by the latest wave of cyber-attacks which hit Ukraine in December 2016. Responsibility for said incidents and another cyber-attacks recorded during the ongoing local armed conflict is attributed to the Russian Federation.

About author: Roman Šulc


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