Irish border tug of war widens EU-UK rift

  • Mihai Turcanu
  • 1.3.2018 09:01

On 28 February, British Prime Minister Theresa May rejected as unacceptable the EU's position on the future of the Irish border with United Kingdom, which, after the British withdrawal from the EU in 2019 is set to become an external border of the EU.

The Brexit draft treaty released by the European Commission rules that Northern Ireland (NI) should remain within the EU customs, so as to avoid reverting to the hard-border between Ireland and the UK in place before the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. That treaty acknowledged both the Irish unity aspirations, and the desire of NI to stay within the UK, thus striking a delicate balance at the core of which is the current soft border dividing the island. The EU's position is that such a border cannot be maintained unless NI stays within the customs union. But as Britain leaves the single market, the mentioned provisions would amount to a hard border between Northern Ireland and the rest of UK. British lawmakers have expressed anger accusing the EC of ”aggression”, and provocative attempts to undermine the British sovereignty in NI. The tug of war situation over Brexit's most difficult aspect is likely to widen the rift between Britain and the EU.

About author: Mihai Turcanu


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