UK says Gülenists not behind Turkish coup

On 25 March, the UK's Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons published a report regarding UK-Turkey relations that states that there is no direct evidence of the Gülenist movement's involvement in the failed coup. According to the Committee, the submitted proofs are not based on facts, therefore they are unofficial and unfounded.

Fethullah Gülen was identified as the main perpetrator of July's attempted coup by Turkish authorities and soon after the repression of the uprising there was a wave of arrests of Gülen's followers. Gülen, who is currently residing in the US, denies the blame and condemned the coup. He describes his movement as social and philanthropic, on the other hand, Erdoğan's regime regards the movement as a terrorist organization. Turkey criticizes the West as well, claims it doesn't understand Turkey's situation and accuses it of applying double standards on terrorism. This concerns e.g. the West's approach towards the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Denial of Fethullah Gülen's involvement that also came from German and American representatives in the past days, therefore has a potential to escalate the conflict between Turkey and the EU that grows stronger with the start of the referendum.

About author: Tomáš Krajňák


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