Donald Tusk commends Bulgarian President Radev on migration control

  • Giorgio Sirtori
  • 7.4.2017 13:39

On 4 April, European Council President Donald Tusk and Bulgarian President Rumen Radev discussed the importance of protecting Bulgarian border with Turkey and preventing illegal migrants from crossing it. Mr Tusk praised the capacities and resources displayed by Sofia, described as “the best example of how to protect our borders”.

Until the EU-Turkey migration deal came into force in March 2016, refugees massively entered the EU through the border between Bulgaria and Turkey, especially after Serbia and Hungary increased their border control measures. Since March 2017 Turkey has been threatening to break the deal and start sending migrants into EU territory again. This move could have dramatic consequences for Bulgaria and the EU as a whole and could lead to a renewal of migrant flows through the Balkan route. Tusk told reporters that the EU is determined to keep routes of illegal migration in this region closed and promised Bulgaria additional funding if the relations with Turkey worsen.

About author: Giorgio Sirtori


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