According to Erdogan, Turkey no longer needs to join the EU

On Sunday 1 October, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated in the Turkish parliament that Turkey currently does not need to join the European Union (EU) but he also does not intend to interrupt accession talks. Ending the talks was mainly proposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in spite of Turkey being EU's strategic partner, particularly in the case of migration.

The deterioration of relations between Turkey and the EU came after the unsuccessful military coup in July 2016, when the EU criticized the Turkish government's actions towards the putschists and opposition. According to Erdogan, the EU has not been able to admit to what a threat Turkey faced and that the EU has failed to fight terrorism. If the EU wants to succeed in the fight against terrorism it must accept Turkey, according to Erdogan. The current situation is the outcome of previous problems with both the EU, including Germany, and its allies within NATO or Norway. It can now be assumed that the direction of Turkish policy will turn even more towards Russia, Iran and also Iraq, mainly because of the Kurds' separatist efforts. The EU's relations with Ankara will be discussed at the October Dublin summit, but Brexit will continue to be the main topic of negotiations there.

About author: Jan Merička


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