Trump declares NATO is no longer obsolete

  • Liis Einstein
  • 15.4.2017 21:42

During a press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on 12 April, U.S. President Donald Trump pointed out the necessity of the alliance for the first time and emphasised the importance of shared financial obligations.

Donald Trump has reversed his position on NATO - previously he characterised the alliance as “obsolete”. According to Trump, the US will continue to work closely with allies and increase its role in the battle against terrorism. In March Trump announced the plan to increase defence spending by 54 billion dollars to enhance the ability to fight against ISIS. Trump also stressed that NATO members must meet their responsibility and contribute 2 % of GDP to defence, emphasising that many have not been doing so. In addition, U.S. administration confirmed Montenegro's accession to NATO. This step has increased tensions between U.S. and Russia, along with the countries' confronting interests in Syria. In an interview on Wednesday Trump said that Putin is partially responsible for the conflict in Syria. Trump is expected to visit Brussels in May to reassure U.S. commitment to NATO.

About author: Liis Einstein


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