Top level Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia meeting highlights growing trilateral ties

  • Mihajlo Kopanja
  • 10.3.2018 13:46

Presidents of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia met in Mostar on 6 March to discuss infrastructure, border disputes and the establishment of a Regional Economic Area.

The heads of state discussed issues highlighted both by EU's Western Balkans Enlargement Strategy, then reaffirmed during Juncker`s Western Balkans Tour, and the conclusions of the 2017 Trieste EU-Western Balkans summit. Modernising regional infrastructure being a pressing issue, the focus was on specific projects, namely, revitalising the Belgrade-Zagreb railway, constructing the Sarajevo-Belgrade highway ring and reconstructing bridges over the Drina River. Border disputes were discussed between Serbia and Croatia (regarding their dispute on the Danube), Croatia and Bosnia (regarding construction of Pelješac Bridge blocking Bosnia's maritime access) and Bosnia and Serbia (regarding border demarcation), but without marking any success. With trade rising, Serbia and Bosnia discussed establishing a Western Balkans Regional Economic Area which would further facilitate trade, create a larger market and strengthen their economies. In an reconciliation effort, Croatia is supporting the other two former Yugoslav republics in following EU recommendations, crucial for their accession to the EU. By discussing these issues only days after Juncker`s tour, it seems that EU's message was heard and actions quickly initiated. 



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