Top 5 weekly propaganda strategies by 16 March

  • Roksolana Dryndak
  • 22.3.2017 18:28

One of the main weapons of Russian propaganda is spreading fear. This week the attention of Russian media revolved around fabricated nuclear danger and alleged suppression of rights of Russian citizens in foreign countries.

Europe threatened by a nuclear cloud

One of the popular strategies of Kremlin propaganda is the nuclear threat. Russia Today informed this week about a non-existent radiation leak at Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. Ukrainian authorities immediately denied the information. The purpose of the strategy is to cast doubt on Ukrainian technology and subsequently raise fear in the region. The fear can then be used to justify a Russian intervention.

Russians are in an imminent danger

A similar topic was presented by server that reported that a large amount of nuclear material leaked from a power plant in Mykolaiv region in the southern Ukraine and is spreading through entire Eastern Europe. It is clear scaremongering because the article urges people to buy dosimeters and iodine pills, as well as encourages them to pay close attention to their health that will surely be affected by the nuclear fallout.

Russians are not welcome in Europe

Another fear-spreading report was published by server Izvestiya. The article titled “Disappointed with life abroad, Russians now return to Russia” reports that russophobia is rapidly spreading through Europe and Russian people are leaving those countries in a hurry. This strategy aims to seed fear of Western society in the minds of Russians and to prevent them from leaving their homeland. Russian Federation has a long-term problem of population decline due to massive emigration and one of the ways to slow it down is to show people that seemingly attractive Western countries are not safe for them. You can find the full analysis here.

Sweden only takes advantage of Ukraine

This week a new attack occurred against Sweden. The country has been facing media pressure from Russia for weeks now, one of the reasons being the country's close relations with Ukraine. The strategy of the week in Russian media was to portray Swedish-Ukrainian friendship as a Swedish effort to use Ukrainian natural resources. Reportedly, Sweden is supposed to be importing fertile black soil from Ukraine.

Massive troll attack

There was also an extensive operation of Russian trolls called "Ukraine is not EU". According to server EUvsDisinfo, more than 500 bloggers are estimated to take part in the operation. The main purpose was to undermine the faith of Ukrainian people in the European Union. During the attack, a large amount of articles was created with headings like "Nobody in the EU wants Ukraine" or "European Union will only drain Ukraine" that consequently flooded social networks. You can find the full analysis here.

The full list of recent Russian propaganda strategies can be viewed here.


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