North Korea launches third missile test in three weeks

  • Jonáš Vlk
  • 31.5.2017 14:32

On 29 May, the third DPRK ballistic test in three weeks took place. This time it was a short-range missile, allegedly shown at the April Military Parade.

According to the DPRK, the rocket test, especially the accuracy of the missile, was extremely successful. However, international experts are sceptical about this claim, which cannot be independently confirmed. However, the test ended at least partly as successfully as the two previous mid-range missile tests. There is, therefore, a reason to fear that early development of a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is in progress, which could seriously threaten the US. The United States subsequently successfully tested ICBM interception using a missile defence system on Tuesday 30 May. The North Korean threat is also strongly perceived by South Korea, who conducted a joint test with a US supersonic bomber B-1 Lancer on Monday. China can fundamentally contribute to the deescalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula and to the security in the region, therefore, Beijing was invited by the US to participate in the largest maritime exercise, RIMPAC 2018, held next year.

About author: Jonáš Vlk


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