The parliament of Montenegro ratified NATO membership

  • Roksolana Dryndak
  • 30.4.2017 11:08

On Friday 28 April, 46 of the 81 MEPs of the Montenegrin parliament voted for the country's entry into NATO, which is going to welcome its 29th member in May. The Senate of the United States has already approved the country's accession on 28 March, and the only remaining approval vote is going to take place in the Spanish Parliament on 17 May.

Although Montenegro only has two thousand soldiers, its Bar and Kotor ports are able to provide fuel and supplies in case of a conflict. The main opponent to the country's accession is Russia, which has been criticising NATO enlargement for a long time. Russia is also suspected of organising a coup before last year's parliamentary elections and reserves the right to take steps to defend its national security and its interests in the region, where it has a strong relationship with the militarily neutral Serbia, which can support the opposition in Montenegro and switch the country towards the East instead of the West. The opposition of the accession to NATO demands a referendum on NATO entry and uses the persisting aversion to NATO, which is still present in the society due to the bombing during the Yugoslav war. 

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