Terrorism and extremism weekly summary 18-24 September


On Thursday 21 September, the Metropolitan police arrested a 17-year-old man in south London, who supposedly participated in the bombing attack on Parsons Green underground station. His house on St. Paul's Road was then searched. Seven people have already been arrested in connection to the attack - three men aged 25, 30 and 48 in Newport, South Wales; 21-year-old Jahjah Farouk in Hounslow, London; an 18-year-old in Dover; and the last, a 20-year-old in Cardiff.  According to London Mayor Khan, the Metropolitan police has thwarted seven potential terrorist attacks since March.

Arsonists from an anarchist-libertarian group attacked a gendarmerie station in Grenoble, France, on Wednesday 21 September. Using Molotov bottles, they set fire to the garage and destroyed all vehicles parked there. This was not the first incident of this kind, five gendarmerie cars were similarly set on fire on Monday 18 September in Limoges. After both attacks, statements by the perpetrators and their supporters appeared online saying the attacks were an act of solidarity with those unjustly arrested and tried.

The Spanish police arrested a 24-year-old man of Morrocan origin on Friday 22 September in the town of Castellon. The man is suspected of participating in the preparation of the terrorist attack in Barcelona which claimed 16 victims this August. According to the investigators, he had ties to the Islamist cell surrounding imam Abdelbaka Es Satty, who died shortly before the attack when his apartment used to store materials to build bombs exploded.

Middle East and South Asia

An improvised explosive device (IED) planted by a road killed at least six civilians in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, on Monday 18 September. According to the spokesman for the Province Governor, the bomb was planted by the Taliban and was to be used against Afghan security forces. IEDs planted by roads are considered to be one of the biggest risks for the Afghan civilian population - 252 civilians were killed and 295 injured by them, according to the UN. However, considering the number of unreported attacks, the real numbers are probably even higher.

On Sunday 24 September, a suicide attack aimed at the Danish armed forces took place in Kabul, Afghanistan, resulting in 6 civilians being injured, according to available information. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. The Taliban increased its activity in the country and is now blocking civilians and government forces from getting medical care by closing down clinics and medical facilities in the northern province of Uruzgan. This is one of the tactics Taliban uses to put pressure on local governments' supporters and also uses the personnel form the closed clinics to treat its own fighters.

The Egyptian security forces killed six Islamist militants and arrested 31 more during large-scale operations at the north of the Sinai peninsula. The operations were attended by police, army and special forces units and took place from 16 to 21 September. Some 56 hideouts were searched during the raids, and dozens of motorbikes were confiscated, along with a large number of weapons and three vehicles adapted to be used in suicide attacks.

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