Terrorism and extremism

Extremism, Blood & Money - Mozambique’s Struggle with ISIS

Mozambique is emerging as a regional hub of Salafi-jihadi activity in Southern Africa. The…

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A New Counter-Terrorism Agenda for the EU? Evolution Rather than Revolution.

Terrorism been high on the agenda at both the member states and the EU level since the 9/11…

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The Threat of Biological Terrorism Post-Corona

The rapid spread of the coronavirus beyond borders, the tragic human cost and the economic…

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Lockdown and Islamist Extremism: A Greater Risk of Online Radicalisation

For over a month now, millions of Europeans have lived under lockdowns as a result of governments’…

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Hanau Attacks – A Stark Warning to European Leaders

Europe is bracing for one of its tensest years following renewed fears of Islamist terrorism on its…

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Combating Salafist Influence in the Western Balkans

The Gulf States have been contributing to the spread of Salafist Islam in the Western Balkans,…

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Provocations in western Ukraine: the far-right as a Russian agent

Far-right activists with connections to Russia are behind a provocation, which has worsened the…

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The Threat of Extremism and Terrorism in the Czech Republic is Being Fostered by Foreign Influence

Although extremism and terrorism have been recently overshadowed in terms of relevance by the…

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The first Czech terrorist and his links to the far-right

The historically first Czech terrorist was sentenced to prison last Monday, sparking debates about…

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