Terrorism and extremism weekly summary 6-12 November


A total of ten people suspected of connections to terrorist organisations were arrested during coordinated police raids in France and Switzerland on Tuesday 7 November. Nine people were arrested in eastern parts of Paris and in southern France near the Italian border. A 27-year-old Colombian woman was arrested in raids in Switzerland's Vaud and Neuchâtel regions. One of the arrested is suspected of participating in a planned attack in France, with the supposed attacker being a 14-year-old boy.

Two people, one man and one woman, were arrested in Marseille and Clermont-Ferrand in southern France on 7 November due to their possible involvement in a thwarted bombing attack this April. The attack was planned by two men - Clément B. and Mahiedine M. - and was supposed to target the then-prepared French presidential elections. The arrested man was dismissed shortly after, the woman was taken into custody for the time it takes to thoroughly investigate her possible involvement in the attack.

On Friday 10 November, a hacking attack against Swedish Mix Megapol radio station took place. The attack caused an Islamic State (IS) propaganda song to play for some 30 minutes during the morning broadcast and mainly affected listeners in the Malmö metropolitan area. The song's lyrics included references to jihad and a radical Islamist doctrine containing the concept of martyrdom. Listeners allegedly reacted to the song almost immediately by calling the station's management but even then, the illegal broadcast was only successfully taken down after some time.

Middle East

According to reports from Thursday 9 November, several series of extensive police raids took place at the beginning of this week in Turkey's Ankara province, which resulted in the arrests of some 165 people suspected of cooperation with the IS. Around 1500 policemen participated in the raids and 250 houses were searched. Afterwards, the police received arrest warrants for 245 more suspects and more operations are being prepared to take place in the following days.

Aside from Ankara, Istanbul also experienced police raids. On Thursday 9 and Friday 10 November, 82 foreigners who were planning to leave to Syria and join the IS were arrested. Turkey has been facing the growing activity of radical Islamists since 2015, one of its worst incidents was the attack on the Reina club on 1 January 2017, when 39 people were killed.

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