Despite EU, US efforts, Taliban gains influence in Afghanistan

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 4.11.2017 18:06

According to a report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan (SIGAR) from 31 October, the Taliban expanded its influence or direct control over the country in the last six months. The movement currently controls or maintains a certain level of support in 43 % of Afghanistan, a 3% increase compared to this February.

Despite the increased intensity of US and allied air attacks against Islamic radicals, the local security forces have consistently failed to gain control over more territory in the past five months and prevent the Taliban's spread. NATO Secretary General announced this year that NATO will increase the number of soldiers in the Resolute Support mission and 15 states pledged to this effort. Among these should be Poland, while Germany's position on the troop increase is inconsistent. The EU also presented its new strategy for Afghanistan on 16 October, which reflects the unfavourable security situation and intends to focus primarily on improving living conditions and relations with local population. In addition, the EU appointed a new Special Envoy for Afghanistan this June, whose task is to strengthen mutual cooperation with the local government on receiving European aid for rebuilding the country.

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