Swiss defence ministry fights off cyber attack

  • Roman Šulc
  • 18.9.2017 17:52

On 15 September Swiss government announced that local Department of Defence had become a victim of a cyber attack realised using a spyware known as Turla in July 2017. The attack attempt, which was reportedly detected and prevented, also hit the systems of an unnamed contractor for the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Swiss government refused to disclose further details about the origin of the incident on the basis of security or say whether any damage occurred. The case was submitted to the federal prosecutor for an investigation.

Turla is both the name of the malware and prominent (likely) Russian APT group which uses it. The hackers have conducted a series of attacks on government and military organizations in Europe and the Middle East since at least 2008. In addition to earlier espionage on Swiss defence contractor Ruag, Turla has lately been associated with phishing attacks on visitors of the G20 Summit held in Hamburg in July 2017.

About author: Roman Šulc


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