Sweden reintroduces military compulsory service

  • Giorgio Sirtori
  • 8.3.2017 19:33

On March 2, the Swedish government announced to reintroduce an 11-month military compulsory service from this summer. Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist described the move as a response to the deteriorating security situation in Europe, mentioning both Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its increasing activity in the Baltic area.

Hultqvist declared that the reintroduction of mandatory conscription, abolished only in 2010, aims at securing Sweden’s sovereignty. Another reason is to fill vacant spots in the military due to the lack of interest in the profession. He also welcomed increased NATO military presence in the region. Following Russian military build up in the Kaliningrad area and Finnish accusations of violating its airspace, both countries reacted by increasing their military cooperation with the United States and the North Atlantic alliance. In September 2016, Sweden also stationed permanent troops on Baltic Sea Gotland island. According to the head of Sweden’s armed forces, to respond the growing pressures, from 2018, further funds must be destined to the defence sector.

About author: Giorgio Sirtori


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