Sweden will reinstate a military regiment on Gotland island

  • Daniela Tkadlečková
  • 18.12.2017 10:03

The Swedish government announced on 13 December the re-establishment of the Gotland regiment. The unit of 350 soldiers will be permanently deployed to the town of Visby during 2018. As Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist stated, the decision comes as a response to the worsened security situation in the Baltic Sea region.

The Gotland regiment was dismantled in 2005, but its reinstatement is seen as a move to strengthen Swedish defence capabilities in the Arctic. The intention is to send a clear signal to Russia as a consequence of its increased military actions in the region. In his commentary, Hultqvist calls on European allies to uphold sanctions against Russia, emphasising NATO cooperation as a priority. Concerned about Russia's power-demonstrations, Sweden has already augmented national defence spending and welcomed the new defence initiative Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO). Recent exercises, such as the Aurora 17, aim to demonstrate the country’s defence preparedness, however its efforts to bolster its capabilities could result in only spurring on Russia’s military behaviour.

About author: Daniela Tkadlečková


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