Sweden registers leak of million citizens' personal data

  • Roman Šulc
  • 27.7.2017 13:08

Swedish media have informed about a newly disclosed massive data leak, which has affected millions of Swedish citizens and is one of the worst the country has seen. 

Swedish State Agency for Transport (Transportstyrelsen), which has information on all vehicles in Sweden, including some military ones, as well as nation’s driver’s license data, has contracted the IBM company for the administration of networks and databases in 2015. Under this contract, IBM was allegedly provided Swedish vehicle owners' private data through a non-secure channel, including names, photos and home addresses. The materials also include strategically relevant information about the nation’s transport infrastructure, such as the weight capacity of roads and bridges, identities of military personnel, people in police databases, or defence plans. Foreign IT workers lacking the necessary security clearance presumably had full access to the records. The circumstances of the case, which Swedish agencies have been monitoring since 2016, are still under intensive investigation. As a result of three ministers being caught up in the scandal, the opposition parties intend to vote on a motion of no confidence in them, which could lead to the resignation of the entire government.

About author: Roman Šulc


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