Sweden is a breeding ground for Islamists study says

  • Jakub Maděránek
  • 16.2.2018 09:18

According to a 11 February article by the Swedish writer Dick Erixon based on a Swedish Defence College (SDC) study, Sweden has become a base for jihadists due to lack of government action against extremism and because of the strong pressure exercised by the far left political activism  on the socio-political climate in the country.

Around 300 fighter from Sweden joined the Islamic State and other terrorist groups between 2012-2016, which is the second highest number in the EU in relation to the population. Furthermore, the SDC's study showed that the amount of violent Islamists has increased thirty-fold in last seven years to approximately 2 300 in summer 2017, and pointed out the cross-border links that the Islamists in Sweden have established with terrorists in other EU countries. Peder Hyllengren,  SDC researcher, further added that Sweden has witnessed a long period of visible decreases in security measures taken against Islamism. The reasons for this he identifies in the left-wing activism effectively blocking an open debate on the issue, while at the same time hampering the work of Swedish intelligence services. The political correctness-enforced climate, coupled with a weak anti-terrorist legislation, and the presence of number of Islamists in the country is enabling jihadist networks operations.

About author: Jakub Maděránek


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