Suicide bomber attacks Manchester Arena

A strong explosion shook the Manchester Arena concert hall on Monday, 22 May, and the police confirmed it as a suicide bomb attack. The attack left 22 dead and nearly 59 injured. Authorities know the identity of the attacker but have not released it yet. Witnesses blamed weak security as people were reportedly allowed to carry anything into the concert venue.  

The explosion occurred during the concert of American singer Ariana Grande. British Prime Minister Theresa May stopped her ongoing election campaign because of the incident and called for an emergency Cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning. The responsibility for the attack has not been claimed yet, but it is being celebrated by sympathisers of the Islamic State (IS) on social networks, who also encourage their supporters to carry out similar attacks. US government representatives emphasised the resemblance to the Paris attacks from November 2015. If the attack is confirmed as a terrorist act, it will be the second most serious incident of this kind in Britain after the 2005 London metro bomb attacks which resulted in 52 deaths. 

About author: Redakce ESJ


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