Facebook, Twitter and Google to testify about Russian intervention in US election

  • Roman Šulc
  • 5.10.2017 11:43

Executives from Facebook, Google, and Twitter were asked to testify before the US Congress in the coming weeks about the alleged Russian intervention in the American presidential election. The representatives of said companies are expected to help the ongoing investigation understand the role of online tools and platforms in the suspected influence operations.

Newly released facts, such as Facebook's recent announcement that in the 2016 election cycle Russia-controlled internet trolls purchased and used advertisement space worth around $100,000, suggest that social networks' role in the attempts to influence voters' public opinion may have been bigger than was estimated. Republican senator James Lankford, referring to information from the Senate Intelligence Committee, stated that meddling with US domestic politics has not stopped with the last elections, giving the examples of pro-Russian commentators fueling the debate over US President Donald Trump's current dispute with NFL players or the publication of false statements about American politicians fabricated by Kremlin-linked Facebook group named "United Muslims of America". The whistleblower site WikiLeaks, whose opponents frequently accuse the site of working against US interests, also contributed to the situation.

About author: Roman Šulc


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