Slovenian Armed Forces fail NATO Combat Readiness Evaluation

  • Mihajlo Kopanja
  • 28.2.2018 17:20

On 13 February, soldiers of the 72nd brigade of Slovenian Armed Forces failed NATO's Combat Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL) of operational capabilities for joint NATO operations. After training for 18 months in Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia, the 800-strong battalion barely passed just one out of five areas of evaluation.

Reports indicate that Slovenian soldiers had inadequate equipment, requested medical help during the evaluation due to frostbites, alongside difficulties navigating the battlefield. The outcome was the dismissal of the Chief of Staff of the Slovenian army, Andreja Osterman. With Slovenia spending only around 1% on its military instead of 2 % of GDP as requested by NATO, and its soldiers being unable to reach the necessary level of operational capacity, this calls into question Slovenia's ability to fulfill its commitments and contribute to the Alliance. In the wake of EU-NATO tensions, and with other, larger, EU states demonstrating similar sub-par levels of defence spending and military capabilities, it is still difficult to envision an autonomous and resilient common EU defence without the US.

About author: Mihajlo Kopanja


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