Despite ambitious plans, number of Slovak soldiers drops

  • Jonáš Vlk
  • 4.10.2017 09:10

According to a September report by the Slovak Ministry of Defence, there is a decrease in the number of professional soldiers in the Slovak Army. The reason for this is the overall decreasing interest to join the army, less successful candidates despite lowered recruitment criteria, and increased number of soldiers leaving for reserve forces.

In addition to modernisation of its armed forces, Slovakia was planning to increase the number of soldiers to more than 16,000 by July this year, but the army currently only has about 12,000 members. In the Czech Republic, however, the trend is quite opposite and concerns not only professionals but also reservists whose number exceeded the expectations mainly due to the adoption of an amendment to the defence legislation. However, the modernisation and expansion of the military are also adopted by the other Visegrad Group countries who are responding to the current European trend of increasing defence budgets, modernisation, and strengthening of military cooperation. Poland, therefore, plans to increase its defence budget, and Hungary prioritises its air force modernisation.

About author: Jonáš Vlk


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