Russia tests dozens of new weapons in Syria

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu announced during his testimony in the Duma on 22 February that Russia has tested 162 types of contemporary and modernised weapons in Syria.

Shoigu praised the effectiveness of the tests and mentioned that only 10 weapons systems performed under expectations. Although Russia is celebrating the recent air campaign in support of Bashar Assad's regime in Syria, human rights groups say it has come at a great cost for civilians. Lama Fakih of HRW claimed that Russia has denied every statement about a strike and questions the legitimacy of the strikes. Meanwhile, the US-led coalition publishes information on a monthly basis about the strikes investigated for possible civilian casualties. Russia categorically rejects reports by human rights organisations as part of an ''information war'' against Moscow. The ongoing Geneva IV peace talks on Syria, in which Russia takes part, have not yielded any significant progress since their start on 23 February.

About author: Umay Atik


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