Lithuanian intelligence says Russia able to attack in 24 hours

  • Liis Einstein
  • 5.4.2017 17:17

Lithuania’s intelligence service announced on 3 April in their annual threat assessment that Russia is able to launch an attack on the Baltic states in 24 hours. Russia has upgraded its military readiness in Kaliningrad as well as air forces and missile systems that can target navy vessels across the Baltic Sea.

According to Lithuanian Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis, NATO should improve its decision-making speed and air defence capability in the region. This year NATO is practising rapid deployment of equipment and troops in countries near the Russian border, to prepare for critical situations. NATO is also sending up to 1000 soldiers in each of the Baltic states, in addition to smaller units already deployed in the region. Whereas direct, aggressive military action is unlikely, the Baltic states are afraid Russia’s involvement in domestic affairs under the pretext of defending the Russian minority. Finland has also expressed concerns about Russia’s increasingly threatening position. In February 2017, the government announced plans to increase military troops by 20%. Meanwhile, Finland is rising military spending for the next three years by 55 million euros.

About author: Liis Einstein


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