Russia in talks to sell Su-35 fighter jets to UAE

Russia, together with United Arab Emirates (UAE) representatives, agreed to strengthen bilateral security and economic cooperation on 20 April, as well as to engage more in conflict resolution in the Middle East. During the meeting, talks started about supplying several dozen Russian Su-35 fighter jets to UAE.

This offer came only one day after the US Congress asked Donald Trump to approve armed drone sales to the UAE and Jordan, two key players in the fight against the Islamic State. According to the US, these states are valuable allies, closer cooperation with them could put the growing influence of Iran in the region in danger. Russia has similar plans, which paves the way for its greater involvement in the Middle East, and it would be possible for Russia, as a larger ally of the UAE, to get involved in the Yemeni conflict as a mediator, as is the case of Libya and Syria.

About author: Michaela Ceklová


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