Russia-linked hackers target VIP hotel guests

On Friday 11 August, the security company FireEye informed that some high-value hotel guests in Europe and the Middle East were attacked by malicious software. There is a possibility that the attackers are the well-known group APT28 or Fancy Bear, who has links to the Russian government and has already been attacking high value targets for some time.

The Russian hacker collective is probably responsible for hacking the French television TV5 Monde, American presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails and spying attacks during the Ukraine conflict. It is believed that group has links to Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) and focuses on steeling of sensitive information, which can be used as tool of political warfare afterwards. FireEye’s espionage research leader sees the usage of a new technique in the attack. It is a more passive way to collect information using hotel Wi-Fi traffic. This suggests that the group is still searching for new attack methods and it is not decreasing the intensity of its spying efforts.

About author: Mirka Pavlíková


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