Russia forces deployed in Egypt to support Haftar

According to US, Egyptian and diplomatic sources, Russia has deployed special forces to an airbase in western Egypt near the Libyan border in recent days. The move is reportedly a part of a broader plan to provide support and training to the so-called Libyan National Army (LNA) led by General Khalifa Haftar.

The Russian defence ministry and Egyptian authorities denied the presence of any Russian soldiers on in the country. According to Reuters, Russian contractors have been operating in the country since February 2017. The United States and Europe see Russian involvement on Haftar's side as worrisome, giving that this could bring further violence or an armed confrontation with the rival UN-backed Government of National Accord in Tripoli (GNA).

Meanwhile, on 14 March the LNA reportedly recaptured the Ras Lanuf and Es Sider oil terminals held by the GNA-backed Petroleum Facilities Guards (PFG), while several rival militants continued to clash in Tripoli.



About author: Matteo Latorraca


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