Romania reinforces its naval capabilities

  • Jakub Maděránek
  • 12.2.2018 19:44

According the Romania's Defence Minister, Mihai Fifor, his country plans to acquire three new submarines and four new multi-purpose corvettes in order to bolster its operational capacities in the Black Sea. Fifor added, that the year 2018 will be generally focused on the Romanian Navy.

There is currently a gap in the Romanian Naval capacities since its only submarine, Delfinul, was withdrawn from service, and according to Vice Admiral Alexandru Mirsu, the chief of the Romanian Naval Forces, the one Kilo-class submarine does not meet Romanian needs in the Black Sea. The value of the acquisition was not made public, but the purchase of the four vessels is estimated to be worth about €1.6 billion. Romania also plans to equip its navy with anti-ship missile defense systems this year. As part of its military modernisation plans, Bucharest is set to acquire seven Patriot ground-to-air missile systems from the US, and to purchase and produce – in collaboration with French and German manufacturers – armored vehicles and transport helicopters. Similar, but more robust steps are being taken by its ally Poland, which is undergoing its own Patriot acquisition program, and naval modernisation process, as the Russian revisionist threat dominates Poland’s security concerns as well.

About author: Jakub Maděránek


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