Romania wishes to become a defence industry hub

  • Cristina Nastasa
  • 6.4.2018 14:09

On 29 March while visiting a military unit in Craiova, Romania's Defence Minister Mihai Fifor, stated that the authorities' goal was for the 2% of GDP allocated for defence to be reinvested in the national defence industry. This implies that Romania, during the Cold War among world's top ten arms exporters, should rebuild its military-industrial complex.

On the same occasion, and to back his remarks, Fifor disclosed details of talks for maintenance services to be provided by Romania for the defence capabilities acquired by Croatia. As basis for the revival of Romania's defence industry could serve such military contracts as the one with French-Romanian IAR-Airbus consortium for locally-produced transport helicopters contracts, or the Rheinmetall deal for local production of hundreds of Boxer armoured vehicles by the new Romanian Military Vehicle Systems company with mixed capital.  Additionally, Romania plans to build at the Galați shipyard three new submarines and four multi-purpose corvettes. In 2017, Romania’s arms exports grew by 20%, selling arms and licenses for 450million in 50 countries. Whether Romania  will be able to materialise its regional ambitions will depend on its ability to eradicate the high level of corruption from which stem both its current political instability and the defective implementation of governmental programs.

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