Romania receives Patriot deal letter of acceptance from US Government

  • Mihai Turcanu
  • 5.11.2017 17:38

On 1 November, Romania’s Ministry of Defence announced it has received a letter of acceptance confirming the Trump administration's approval of the Patriot deal in which Romania is set to acquire seven ground-to-air missile systems from the US. The 3+ configuration to be purchased is the system’s most up-to-date version for which Romania is paying more than 3.9 billion EUR.

Romania’s growing importance to NATO on the Russia-tested eastern flank is highlighted by its pledge to spend 2 % of GDP on defence in 2017-2026. This includes the purchase of 30 armoured vehicles from General Dynamics, the production of 600 more in Romania on top of those to be manufactured by German Rheinmetall Defence, and the acquisition of locally-produced transport helicopters from the Romanian-French IAR-Airbus consortium. The Ministry's announcement coincides with two Romanian military vessels joining NATO's SNMG 2 patrolling the Black Sea between 31 October and 14 November. Another staunch NATO ally in Eastern Europe, Poland, has its own Patriot deal being implemented and the Baltics have requested the system be deployed on their territory as well, highlighting the deterrence potential of the missiles.


About author: Mihai Turcanu


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