Tillerson Urges Cooperation With China On North Korea

  • Umay Atik
  • 20.3.2017 18:12

On 19 March, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Chinese President Xİ Jinping agreed there are opportunities for greater cooperation on North Korea between China and US despite their differences, as the meeting took place just hours after North Korea claimed that it successfully tested a high-thrust engine.

Increasing North Korean nuclear threat was the main issue due to a string of North Korean missile launches. Despite the warning that all options, including military action, might be considered in Japan and South Korea, Tillerson opted for a more moderate discourse in Beijing. Meeting his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi the day before, he stressed 'renewed determination' by Beijing and Washington to work together to convince Pyongyang to perform 'course correction'. Sino-American relations have been increasingly tense due to China objecting deployment of a US anti-missile system in South Korea last week, Beijing's territorial claims in the South China Sea and Trump threatening to impose punitive tariffs on Beijing.

About author: Umay Atik


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