Representative centre of Donetsk People's Republic is likely to be closed

  • Roksolana Dryndak
  • 10.4.2017 13:53

A spokeswoman of the regional court in Ostrava announced on 6 April that the court launched proceedings on closing the Representative centre of Donetsk People's Republic. The order was issued on the basis of Minister of Foreign Affairs Lubomír Zaorálek's proposal, which was filed in September 2016. 

The Minister's argument was based on the fact that the existence of this organisation is in breach of international law, because the Czech Republic is obliged to respect territorial integrity of other states, in this case Ukraine. The Czech Republic, like many other countries, does not recognise the Donetsk People's Republic, and thus there can be no consulate of this separatist group on Czech territory. The organisation was established on 1 September 2016 and is registered in the commercial register as a non-profit organisation. Czech citizen Nela Lisková is the organisation's leader and is illegally using the title of "honorary consul". The purpose of the consulate is, according to her, information counteroffensive and change of the image of the rebel DPR in the Czech Republic. The group is considered a tool of Russian influence in Europe. Similar organisation currently exists in Italy.

About author: Roksolana Dryndak


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