Renewables could generate up to 50 % of EU electricity in 2030

  • Michaela Ceklová
  • 6.2.2018 18:54

According to a new Sandbag and Agora Energiewende study, renewable sources could generate up to 50% of electricity in the EU by 2030.

By the end of January, 11 EU Member States had also announced the achievement of the national target for the share of renewable sources for the production of electricity power. Sweden, Finland and Lithuania are among the most successful countries, while the Netherlands, France and Ireland are among the countries that have not reached their targets. The EU target is currently set at 35% by 2030, however, as a whole it has so far achieved only a 17% share of renewable sources. Yet, the development of renewable energy sources in the EU is distorted mainly by countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom, which, thanks to the energy transition, use mainly renewable sources. According to experts, the target of 35 % is not unattainable, but it assumes a higher rate of energy transition and change of EU energy mixes, which is an unimaginable investment for some countries. In the context of the debate on the use of renewable sources, the European Parliament has approved three crucial energy laws regarding the common electricity market, renewable energy and governance. All three laws are currently pending approval by the Commission.

About author: Michaela Ceklová


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