New ransomware wave hits Europe

A new ransomware campaign has been spreading through Europe since 24 October. A virus called Bad Rabbit has successfully attacked over 200 major organizations mainly in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany and Bulgaria.

According to provisional expert conclusions, Bad Rabbit is very similar to the ransomware known as NotPetya and might possibly even be its new mutation. The two malwares, however, do not share the same attack vector, as Bad Rabbit does not exploit any known vulnerability and spreads itsef via fake Adobe Flash installation file distributed through compromised websites. Confirmed victims include the Kiev Metro, Odessa Airport, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure and several Russian media agencies including Interfax and Fontanka. Eastern Europe was also significantly affected by the previous ransomware waves. Ukraine, where the NotPetya infection was the most intensive, was also exclusively targeted by yet another extortion virus, XData. However, the status of both of these malware strains as means for generating profit has been doubted since their modus operandi more closely resembles a cyber sabotage tool.

About author: Roman Šulc


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