Dublin IV: Discussion on quota scheme postponed to avoid deadlock

  • Giada Negri
  • 29.1.2018 12:24

On 27 January, Bulgaria's interior minister Valentin Radev said to be willing to wait for the end of negotiation of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) before starting the discussion on the emergency quota scheme to avoid a political deadlock. The idea was launched by the German minister Thomas de Maiziere during the EU’s Interior and Justice Ministers meeting in Sofia.

Migration, in particular, the reunification of family members, is a controversial issue for new government coalition talks in Germany, with CDU/CSU and SPD eager to reach a deal by 4 February. De Maiziere warned his EU counterparts that it would be difficult to reach an agreement on the reform of the Dublin IV reform by June, one of the priorities for the Bulgarian Presidency. He also remained ambiguous on whether Germany still insists on the mandatory quota scheme for emergency situations. Solving other issues could allow the discussion to move forward and provide room for negotiation on the relocation system. After the controversial 2015 outvoting of the Visegrad Four, the new CEAS reform is expected to be first voted on unanimously on the European Council. Without an agreement, however, the topic could be relegated to the Interior Ministers council for a qualified majority vote, raising the likelihood of the V4 being outvoted again.

About author: Giada Negri


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