Poland and US agree to create joint missile defence plan

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 5.7.2017 14:42

On 29 June at a summit of NATO countries' defence ministers, Polish MoD Antoni Macierewicz agreed with his U.S. counterpart James Mattis on a creation of a joint missile defence plan.

Poland has been considering the idea of its own missile defence system for several years and bilateral cooperation with the U.S., due to a combination of its technology and the Polish defence industry capacities, should be the way to realise it. According to Macierewicz, it will still pose a significant challenge, and the focus must be put on a maximum lifecycle of the system and its interoperability with both U.S. and NATO forces. There is also great potential for strengthening defence cooperation within the V4, however, there has not yet been much success in this area. Several opportunities were wasted, such as the solely Czech acquisition of 3D radars, which was originally meant to be a joint V4 project and to include the Polish defence industry, or the Czech and Hungarian lease of Gripen aircraft. The core of the problem lies in the absence of efforts to harmonise the countries' armament and defence planning concepts, which is crucial for further joint projects.

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